Monday, 15 March 2010

Vomir - Proanomie

Artist Vomir
Label At War With False Noise
Year 2009
Genre(s) Harsh Noise Wall

There's been a lot said about the genre Harsh Noise Wall, some good, some bad. Even within a genre like noise it seems to be polarising. One of the frontmen (or rather entities) within this "scene" is Romain Perrot, the French embodiment of nihilism. With a most stoic performing presence and the use of plastic bags Vomir seeks to submit to the audience true nihilism conveyed within his music. Sitting in a dank basement in Glasgow, a bin bag stopping any light accessing my eyes and all human chatter and ambient sound replaced by punishing walls of feedback and static got me thinking. There seems to be a backlash towards HNW recently and I've seen it described as talentless in many places before (See : Any thread on the iheartnoise board) but I really can't say I know enough about the sub-genre to write everything off. One thing I am willing to say, though, is that Vomir is fantastic.

Proanomie on At War With False Noise has an impressive run time of just over 76minutes of tumultus, twisted, torture. One sole track dominating the entire release. Coming packaged in the barest of terms (This being done as an aesthetic). So fair enough, Vomir's aims are clear, his aesthetic in both performance and releases stick staunchly to that. What about the music?

A dark room, large headphones and a high volume mark my listening experience for Proanomie and where the technical merits of construction may not be as important as your usual knob twisting noisenician, Vomir is all about emotions and atmospheres to me.

There is no subtle fade in, no opening drone to lead into a different passage, this music starts aggressively and remains so til the end of its run time. I had no music on prior to this and the harsh rumble sounds like a building slowly collapsing, juxtaposed perfectly with earlier silence. This is bleakness, pure and simple.This serves as electrohypnol, I have absolutely no memory of where the 76 minutes of my life has gone, in fact I'm only snapped back to reality by the sudden glaring silence where audial nihilism once stood.

The overall release is simply fantastic, a big note to AWWFN on this fact too, seeing as he apparently did the layout (Which suits the release perfectly). Vomir is Harsh Noise pushed all the way to OTT conclusions but it is neither pastiche, nor parody. If I wasn't such a cynic I might call it evolution, either way just grab the CD and be prepared for one of the most chilling, depressing, euphoric listening experiences of your life.

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