Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Suburban Howl - Green Death

Artist Suburban Howl
Label Side-A-Records
Year 2010
Genre(s) Folk, Noise

Suburban Howl is the project of Davide Lega and Matteo Poggi. This single sided C40 on Side-A-Records serves up three creepy crawly cuts of chilling guitar-centric noise. Delivered on dazzling lime green/black flecked tapes (Sprayed) and ideal for those scary nights when The Misfits just wont do.

Tape opener Green Death is based around a slow moving guitar part, like the slow campfire song of a long forgotten ghost. Echoed voices and croaks mulling just beyond the light, slowly the guitar builds in intensity, succumbing to a pool of white noise, the voices becoming part of the sonic miasma. The noise is great and manages to maintain a more musical quality.

Random begins with another guitar line which sounds like the collective night terrors of a thousand burnt out hippies. Perfectly saccharine in format and delivery, it hints at something horrible concealed just beyond the surface. Sounding like a more focused Silvester Anfang. Always threatening to tip over the edge into yet more noise, instead slowly fading out. The lack of a harsher element making the track all the more powerful.

Finally comes Speak Poetry to People. A far harsher affair that sounds like the chase out of the woods, Leatherface hot on your heels, his chainsaw revving and spitting petrol. A pressing sense of urgency conveyed through the wailing feedback. Murmurs still pass in the background, note able but hidden enough to muddle comprehension. Despite the fuller sound there's still an edge that will have you checking over your shoulder.

I'm having a hard time adding the genre for this release, it's certainly noise in the sense of there being a harsh element composed on "non-music", however there's the calmer (but frankly scary) folkier guitar sections. The whole tape combines to make twenty minutes of the most satisfying noise this year.

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