Thursday, 2 December 2010

Divorce Party - EP

Artist Divorce Party
Label Self Released
Year 2010
Genre(s) Noise Rock

An interesting little ditty here from Michigan based Noise Rock entity Divorce Party. A two song single clocking in at just under five minutes. Presenting Noise Rock of the more blown out, intense variety.

The first track Doo Dop Top is fast, angry and ever so rewarding. Sounding like some of the classic Noise Rock bands in structure but bringing their own flare to the proceedings. Worth of note is the melodic chanting that forces it's way above the dissonant guitar and thunder drumming.

The second, and unfortunately, final track Tweedy Two Two offers blown out guitar, rudimentary drumming (verging on industrial sounding at points) and obscured vocals. On repeated listens melody begins to rise out of the cacophony and the vocals become more and more apparent.

A million different bands lurk just outside my grasp, suggesting they have influenced Divorce Party. The fact that I can't reach out and grab any do a lot to show just how well the band sculpt their own sound. The genre Noise Rock has been co-opted recently by sub-par bands making sub-par music, Wavves for example. Divorce Party don't sacrifice the rock side of things for the noise. Both elements are present and come together. The whole is greater than the sum of their parts. Defiantly one to watch.

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