Friday, 15 October 2010

Artist Timothy C Holehouse/The Reactcore is Splendid
Label None
Year 2010
Genre(s) Ambient, Harsh Noise, Noise Rock

Yet another split tape from the prolific Mr Holehouse, this time a split tape with The Reactcore is Splendid. Holehouse I’m sure is known within the noise scene but TRiS is new to me, a two man (?) project based out of London. Speaking of London it seems to be a heavy influence on the music contained on this pastel yellow cassette, coming as it does, with part of a London calendar affixed to the case.

The Holehouse side of the tape was recorded between London and Bristol (I’m assuming on a train?) via the use of a Dictaphone and then further editing carried out. The track carries a very strange vibe, snippets of conversations (other commuters?) come and go. The sounds of life ebb past and distort. There’s an incredibly sinister atmosphere carried throughout. Running the line from all out haunting ambient to dark stabs of distortion and feedback. As with most Timothy C. Holehouse pieces I find it best taken in whilst lying in a dark room with headphones. Atmospheres that are second to none. The piece calls to mind images of trains, faceless people dragging themselves through endless underground tunnels, dripping water and scurrying rats. Dark, dank and thoroughly unforgettable.

The Reactcore is Splendid serves up Turd Sandwich (AKA Live in Texas) which sounds like a dirty noise rock based recording. Vocals at sub-Albini levels and a whirlwind of guitar noise. I think there are drums somewhere in there too but I couldn’t make a guarantee. Sounding like more of a mixture of rock stylings and straight out noise than the usual ideas that are conveyed with Noise Rock. More noise based than The Cows but more rock based than the likes of Air Conditioning. The recording seems to leave a little to be desired but otherwise the TRiS is good, offering areas of noise, rock, Whitehouse styled power electronics etc. A wide area is covered with the live side and I’d really like to check out some studio works to see how they sound.

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