Friday, 15 October 2010

Nryy - Bird

Artist Nryy
Label Side-A
Year 2010
Genre(s) Harsh Noise

Side-A-Records is a fairly new label, you can find reviews for all their prior releases (bar one…) slightly down this blog. I’ve found the output, packaging and basically everything pertaining to this label to be nothing if not innovative and compelling. Focussing on a good mix of known and unknown artists and offering a great view of the current noise scene. Brought to us today by the label is Bird by Japan’s Nryy. Nryy come off the back of a series of splits and other releases on his own label Silent Novels (Which also functions as a web-label). Bird serves up three tracks of harsh noise, sculpted to perfection for a total of just over half an hour of torture/pleasure, if not both.

The main issue with Japanese noise is that any newer artists will instantly be compared to the “Japanoise” greats, even breakout artists like Govt. Alpha seem to find it hard to shake the “Like Merzbow but/if/with….” allusions. I can hopefully avoid the “Like [Japanoise artist x], meeting [Japanoise artist y] in [unexpected location] with [American band Z] sensibilities” although I make no promises.

The first thing I notice upon removing this Cd-r from its beautiful packaging is how well the overall aesthetic is carried, packaging like this really makes me hope for the music. To the CD player with it! Budgerigar opens the releases with an almost danceable beat structured bout of noise with a sci-fi edge. It may just be the release title but instantly bird song comes to mind, there’s an almost chip tune element to the noise but it first perfectly with the established nature of the piece. Whilst the noise is harsh it’s not an all-out assault as with certain contemporaries in the genre that will remain nameless. The second track, Lovebird, opens like an inferno, the noise crackling like fire. Scorching the ears and brain, a less structured and much, much more violent outburst. The sheer amount of elements that make up each of these three long tracks can’t possibly be listed, there’s not enough room for that. The tracks flow on with their individual elements, refusing to stay still.

The very nature of this release sets it aside from most current noise works. It’s almost refreshing to be served up a slab of harsh noise in the boring plains (with some exceptions) of wall noise that seem to be in vogue recently. Nryy is defiantly one to keep an eye on, and this release serves much as a statement of intent, worth grabbing. Oh, and because I've earned it, Masonna, Merzbow, Pain Jerk etc etc.... Good to get that off my chest.

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