Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mid Leopard Violet Prism - Carbohydrate Somnambulism

Artist Mid Leopard Violet Prism
Label Total Vermin
Year 2011
Genre(s) Psychedelic Noise, Drone

Another tape from the two headed noise monster that is MLVP. Featuring Nackt Insecten and Smear Campaign joining up again to make more long form, psychedelic twinged drones and sharp static bubbles. Whilst both artists are well known in their own right for their other projects they manage to bring their A-game to this tape.

Opening with Battery Acid Pumped Through Veins a tense drone rolls around like a snowdrift. Soothing at one minute, unnerving the next. The juxtaposition twixt the two moods offers the meat of this tape. The noise contained within serves a narrative purpose. From the very opening the listener is transported to a different realm. One full of broken machinery and parched deserts. Soundtracked by the sound of a million blow circuits and mechanical death throes. The A side contains calmer, drawn out music whereas the B side serves up slightly harsher and more disconcerting sounds.

There's always going to be comparisons drawn between MLVP and Smear Campaign/Nackt Insecten, but for me the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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