Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Full Meat Jacket - Full Meat Jacket

Artist Full Meat Jacket
Label Fag Tapes
Year 2005
Genre(s) Noisecore(?), Harsh Noise

Yet another mysterious tape from Fag Tapes. There is little to no information on this band available. As such it's up to the music to do the talking, a front that this tape will happily back up.

It's hard to classify many of the acts on Fag Tapes but none more so than Full Meat Jacket. Utilising drums, guitar and vocals to make many short, sharp attacks. It's nigh on impossible to pick out individual elements from the wave of sounds on display. Occasionally vocals will raise out of the swell but never in a fashion that would make them understandable. I find it hard to tell if the tape is one long tracks or if the many pauses denote the end of songs. Regardless when taken as a whole the tape unleashes a fury that is seldom seen in the somewhat bland noise scene nowadays.

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