Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Benighted in Sodom - Plague Overlord

Artist Benighted in Sodom
Label Obscure Abhorrence
Year 2007
Genre(s) Black Metal

There's no escaping a hailstorm that consumes this entire midnight city. It's hard to communicate when even your closest friends are obscured by the sheets of ice that tumble from an empty heaven. The only solace is a blood smeared and empty room, needles and razors providing the only warmth against the crushing blows of sharp ice. When it is dark the wraiths move again, slowly touching your cheek as they whisper the solution to all problems. "It is time", there is nought to fight for, stained glass obscures the outside and the rumors that sunlight would return were false.

A wraith that resembles her, it's eyes awash with a fire that you want to burn with, can only run a bony hand through your hair. Crushed bottles beside a tattered mattress leave the only impression that there was once life here. How fitting that life will end here.

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