Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Kylie Minoise - Principles of Universal Habit

Artist Kylie Minoise
Label Quagga Curious Sound
Year 2009
Genre(s) Psychedelic Noise

Yet another insanely limited release from one man noise juggernaut Lea Cummings. There have been several Minoise releases this year, both on Cummings own label (Kovorox Sounds) and other labels scattered throughout the globe. Kylie Minoise is an ever changing beast, enyet always retaining the psychedelic leanings that run through his releases.

On to the actual recording at hand, we're presented with an unrelenting 18 minute slab of harsh, dynamic noise. Right from the get go you're grabbed by the jugular and dragged into a miasma of screams and walls of feedback. As with earlier release The Paralysis Sect the noise is intercut with creeping drone, the juxtaposition of the drone and harsher noise elements create a truly claustrophobic atmosphere. I can draw parallels twixt Principles... and some early MZ.412 work, but just as I'm beginning to relax and drift off in the sonic textures I'm stabbed in the ears by an ice pick of refined feedback and screams. The release also meanders (In a good sense) down a route favoured by wall noise, a constant, unshifting wall of feedback hiding further layers beneath, revealing more with each subsequent listen. The transitions between the more overt noise and the tense drones are handled expertly, Cummings knowing perfectly when to fade the tracks across and when a more pressing stop/start mechanic is needed. Cummings is well recognised in the noise scene and it's easy to see why when looking at this release, he never sacrifices the harsher elements for calmer sections or vice versa, rather both styles co-exist to create possibly one of the best short releases of this year.

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