Friday, 6 November 2009

Joker & Ginz - Kapsize EP

Artist Joker & Ginz
Label Kapsize
Year 2009
Genre(s) Grime/Dubstep

Another epic record by Joker, this time with a little help from Ginz. The usual styled dubstep (Instrumental grime?) recalling days playing SEGA. Purple City evokes images of Streets of Rage, as the clubs of Purple City empty and the skyline is already dark, neon lights serving to illuminate patrons only as grotesque charactures of themselves. Light cymbal hits wash around you like an acid rain from this foggy hell hole. For all this place may be hell on earth, it's our city and our pride can't be broken quite so easily.

The flip side Re-Up is much darker in tone, gone is the creeping hope from Purple City, replaced by the opression of a hazy room somewhere. Loosing all recognition of where you are, unable to speak with those around you. All you can really do is sway to the music and pray they don't try to speak to you. Funky basslines you used to know crumble into a harsh beat, pummeling. You keep dancing, what else can you do?

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