Saturday, 11 June 2011

Where is This - Digital Fire

Artist Where is This
Year 2011
Label Kovorox Sound
Genre(s) Harsh Noise/Industrial

Coming at us from Lea Cumming's label, Kovorox Sound, is a full lengh by Ireland's first son of creepy crawly noise, Where is This. A mixture of digital and analogue sources are deployed to forge the sonic whirlpool served up. Across 35 minutes and 8 tracks a distinct atmosphere is created (Which is no suprise for WiT). This time around, however, there is also a much harsher edge than has reared it's head before.

Tracks such as Big Black Sex Cop are more direct and closer to some of the early originators of the genre than previous WiT work. That by no means replaces the more atmospheric style that I, for one, am so enamoured with. The harsher elements act as an excellent counterpoint to the more atmosphere heavy elements. That's not to say that this is a fantastic release, for certain there are a few areas that don't quite work for me, the third track - Your Pop Career's Gone Down in Flames - feels as if there is a tad too much dead space serving no purpose and causes the track to stumble in its flow.

This release manages to serve up the two sides of the Where is This coin, from the harsh electronic assaults to the calm, almost relaxing soundscapes (Obsolete Robots...) with just the hint of psychedelia creeping in (Phobot). If I were to have one main issue with the release it'd be down to the packaging. I fail to understand the gulf in presentation for some Kovorox releases. Here we have a simple cd-r with the Cat # written on and a two panel cardboard cover in a slipcase. Some other Kovorox releases are treated to on-disc printing/disc labels and given the half DVD case treatment. For all it's a DIY label this just feels sort of, I dunno, lacking?

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