Saturday, 11 June 2011

Marc Broude - Psychological Warfare

Artist Marc Broude
Label No Zen
Year 2006
Genre(s) Black Metal, Industrial

A short but sweet 7'' single (Review of a low bitrate mp3 provided by the artist however) from 2006 here. Offering two slabs of industrial black metal? Blackened industrial metal? I don't know quite how to define this. The A-Side, God Smacker, is a droning metal attack. Harsh distorted vocals rest atop a churning sea of droning instruments. If it were to have a motto it would be Carpe Jugulum (Seize the throat) as that is exactly what it does. Closer in nature to Thesyre than Axis of Perdition.

The B-Side is closer to industrial than black metal, steady drumming and what sounds to be sampled alarms provide the backing to the sonic assault. Sparser than the preceding track, allowing plenty of breathing space. There is still the repetitive edge, one that doesn't really work with this track and only serves to make it feel longer than it necessarily needs to be.

This release is pretty good, though it lacks any real sense of purpose. We have one good track and one decent track that don't seem to share any thematic or stylistic coherence. The release simply comes across as music for music's sake.

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