Saturday, 23 January 2010

Nackt Insecten - Stairway to Levitation

Artist Nackt Insecten
Label None (?)
Year 2007
Genre(s) Drone

Light, airy drones opens up this release. As if we're already ascending towards the clouds. Sections that almost sound like "world music" from some far off planets sneak through the cloudy electronics and regale us with stories of their home world. Like a space shuttle lift off being slowly undertaken between bouts of relaxation. The rocket finally takes off, ever so gently, we're on our way.

More electronic rumble now as the fuel burns, propelling onwards t'wards alien tribes and new customs. Relaxation replaced by wonder, machinery swirling in the background. Soon.

Landing, to be greeted by an alien welcoming party, singing their native song. A lush planet, but somehow not right. Purple trees rise up against a beetroot sky. Long, languid walks through the flora and fauna of this beautiful world. Until the final night, when you sit across rugs and play local folk music with your alien brethren.

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