Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Kylie Minoise - You Suffer

Artist Kylie Minoise
Year 2007
Genre(s) Psychedelic Noise/Wall Noise

There is absolutely no breathing room from the outset. A droning wall of noise attacks the ear drums from the get go. High end feedback noise swarms over a bedding of low end filth. This release is quite different in style to the other works by Cummings that I have heard, this is by no means a negative point. You Suffer! has a lot more in line with wall noise (Much like the amazing Micro-Budget Perversion). There is one unshifting assault, unchanging and hypnotic. Beneath this we have layers of psychedelic tone abuse.

The release is dense, there's no break in the attack for its entire duration. I find almost all Kylie Minoise records to be psychedelic but You Suffer comes at it from a different approach, less Masonna vocal attack and cut up static. More trance inducing drone. The single track has a duration of just over an hour, it feels like it's over in ten minutes. The best part being that you can replay the release again and find even more hidden beauty in the background. Essential.

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