Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Kylie Minoise - Live in Japan

Artist Kylie Minoise
Year 2009
Genre(s) Psychedelic Noise

Let me preface this review by saying I'm not a massive fan of live albums. They can be amazing, convey the same amount of worth as any 'proper' release but they tend to leave me feeling down. It's aggravating to listen to this music and realise you're missing some of the more viseral components of the entire aesthetic experience.

Onto the actual album, starting out with an introduction to one of the performances that helps set the mood, though it also amps up the feeling of despondence of not actually having been there. The first song is abrasive feedback built up over crunchy waves of static. The tracks on this release range from violent all out assaults to slower pieces that crawl into your ear and nestle in your brain, prodding the unease sector with full force.

The release as a whole is a very satisfying experience, managing to show off many different styles that are incorporated into the sonic palette which Cummings uses. My main issue is that due to the tracks having been recorded at different times and places there's no strict coherence in the running order which can be slightly alienating.

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