Saturday, 23 January 2010

Nackt Insecten - Double Lunar Halo

Artist Nackt Insecten
Year 2007
Genre(s) Harsh Noise, Drone

Double Lunar Halo really begins to showcase the more spacey side of the Nackt Insecten sound. Opening with Tunnel Vision, a short piece made up of crackling vocals and swirling synth. This track is still calm but it's not really drone in style. Much closer to harsh noise. After a short while the next track creeps up, powerful drone like thunder caught in a time warp. Dense and dank. Psychedelic high end threatening to come ever forward. As if Spacemen 3 put down the guitars but kept the pedal boards running while they went out to ingest various illicit substances.

A choir made up of children from the Village of the Damned are ready to sing for us, their voices distort as they swirl before our eyes. Stretching and distorting into hideous representations of their former self.

The real meat of this release is the 14 minute title track. A mixture of the more electronic, creepy style of drone that NI first displayed and then relaxed, spacey ritual sound that is currently being used. A real cross section of the development of the project. Somehow comforting and unsettling at the same time. Would have worked as a soundtrack for the fall of British industry.

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