Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Opaque - Temporary Lifestyle

Artist Opaque
Label Dental Records
Year 2000
Genre Drone

Starting off slowly, gentle strumming of a guitar, ringing out against the emptiness. Serene and calm, but it feels like it's hiding something. Slowly feedback creeps in and washes over the notes, enveloping them in a warm wash of sound. The track slowly weaves around itself until it slowly fades out.

Continuing onwards more despondent and dissonant guitar melds with warm fuzz. Relaxing waves of sound lap over everything. A sudden urgency is injected into the equation as things begin to speed up and become more noisy, still built from the same guitars but now taking on a more sinister edge. Heavily distorted drums appear from nowhere to accentuate the noise. Feedback interjects itself into the composition, wrapping around the distorted guitar lines. The fuzz unravels itself back into clean guitar ringing out in stark juxtaposition. Slowly the release begins to fade out.

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