Saturday, 23 January 2010

Nackt Insecten - Quantum Odyssey

Artist Nackt Insecten
Year 2009
Genre(s) Drone, Krautrock

I've certainly made mention of the more krautrock leanings of Nackt Insecten before. That was nothing compared to the full blown freakout presented on this beautiful slab of vinyl. Equal parts Popul Vuh and Maeror Tri. This release really moves Nackt Insecten head and shoulders above most acts that seem to be coming out of the drone "scene" at the momnent.

There's real focus here and the entire release flows perfectly. Like looking over a landscape of THC plantations that stretch to the heavens, slowly dancing in the cool breeze. It's wonderful on this plateau. There's simply not a single low point on this release, beautifully crafted and performed. Warm and all encompassing. This record is simply wonderful, and is definitely my record of the year for 2009.

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