Saturday, 23 January 2010

Kylie Minoise - Micro-budget Perversion

Artist Kylie Minoise
Label Turgid Animal
Year 2007
Genre(s) Psychedelic Noise

One half hour track of psychedelic feedback abuse and vocal attack by Lea Cummings. Buzzing static layers built upon one another to a hellish cacophony of sound with treated vocals screams and yelps. The rumbling drive of the track sounding so decayed that it may crumble into nothing at any moment, crumbling under it's own sonic weight. It's the buzzing of a thousand hornets descending upon a play park.

Turgid Animal are (or were) known for a fair amount of Wall Noise release, a category which I guess this release could be filed into. This is only in regards to how dense the sound is, this is dynamic noise far removed for the unchanging walls of Vomir and his ilk. The release pounds onwards until suddenly there is nothing. No fade out just a sudden stop, making the release all the more powerful for it.

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